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  • A $50 fee will have your artwork featured in the gallery email and the auction home page.

  • Market research for current market price or follow up of artwork history

  • This is the galleries compulsory standard fee for submitting items for sale at auction.

  • Let Lethbridge Galley promote you Artwork for sale to an Australian and international buyer's market.

  • Professional photography increases the value of artworks and the chances of selling.

  • The gallery can organise to have your artwork reframed in a modern style that will increase the reseal value

  • Artwork restoration will increase the value of your artwork. 


If you would like to sell an artwork on the gallery's Secondary Market please fill out the form below. Please include as many details about the artwork as possible. There is a $22 admin fee for all artworks featured on the 'Buy Now' gallery.

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Fill out the artwork details and select any extra items you would like us to contact you about  

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We will be in contact if your artwork is approved to feature on the website

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When your artwork sells, we will be in contact and you are to arrange delivery of the artwork to Lethbridge Gallery